4L Countertop Home Water Distiller


 The 4 L water distillers has a Stainless Steel interior and exterior with a Top Quality 4 Litre Glass container with “Easy Lift” Handle. Produce your own reliable distilled water at home, suitable for many applications.

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4L Countertop Home Water Distiller

4 L domestic countertop home water distillation system comes with outer polished stainless steel body and glass container for distilled water collection.

This  water distiller produces contaminant – free water by heating water, converting it to vapour, the steam is then captured in a stainless steel coil where it cools to form pure water. Eliminates E-coli, Chlorine, Sediments, Nitrates, Fluoride, Limescale, Dissolved Solids (TDS), Hormones, Pharmaceuticals, Heavy Metals.

An ideal companion to the Osmio Infinity Gas/Water Production Electrolysis System and an essential piece of kit for anyone producing their own colloidal silver.


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