Acqua Brevetti MiniDUE ½″ Liquid Water Softener – 17 LPM

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Please note that this product has now been superceded by the  OSMIO MINISOFT (30lts/min)

This does exactly the same job as the Acqua Brevetti but more reliably and for less


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Acqua Brevetti MiniDUE ½″ Liquid Water Softener – No Salt Water Softener

Please note that this product has now been superceded by the  OSMIO MINISOFT (30lts/min)

This does exactly the same job as the Acqua Brevetti but more reliably and for less


MiniSoft Non Salt Softener  

                      OSMIO MINISOFTOsmio MiniSoft Dimenesions  


BrandAcqua Brevetti
Filter ParameterLimescale
In Depth

We provide a LIFETIME WARRANTY with this product – the warranty is subject to you the customer purchasing genuine liquid from Puriflow Filters and the installation complying with the technical specifications as detailed in the manual (i.e. flow rate, minimum/maximum incoming pressure).

WRAS Approved. WRAS Approval Number: 1603318 – Approved Product

Connections – ½” Male BSP on inlet & outlet ports (ideal for 15mm pipe)

For the correct operation and performance of the unit, the following conditions must be met:

Minimum flow rate – 0.18 m3/h
Maximum flow rate – 1.0 m3/h (just under 17 litres per minute)

Flow rate (at 0.2 bar) – 0.6 m3/h (600 LPH)

Flow rate (at 0.5 bar) – 1.0 m3/h (1000 LPH)

Min-max water hardness – 5 – 35°f (max 350 ppm CaCO3)

Max. instantaneous heating temperature – 80°C

Max temperature for stored hot water – 60°C

250 gr refill capacity – 10-11 m3 (10,000 to 11,000 litres)

1000 gr refill autonomy – 40-44 m3 (40,000 to 44,000 litres)

Min-max water pressure – 1.5 – 6 bar

Min-max water temperature inside MiniDUE – 5 – 30°C




What is the advantage of MiniDUE?
MiniDUE is a patented device which exclusively uses a liquid 100% food grade polyphosphate designed to prevent limescale and also over time provide a de-scaling action for already encrusted surfaces.Because MiniDUE uses a liquid it 100% guarantees no sludge build up or clogging often found when using granules or powder. MiniDUE is very compact and requires no power supply. MiniDUE uses vacuum packed refill pouches which use a simple twist bayonet style fitting. Our largest refill pouch of 1000gram will provide up to 42 cubic meters of dosage, typically up to 1 years supply in a typical household.

Do I need a separate (non-treated) drinking supply?
No. this is only required when a water softener is installed which use salts. Or if other dosing systems are installed which cannot guarantee the dosage amount. MiniDUE provides 100% accurate, metered dosage of food grade polyphosphate liquid solution with is 100% safe for drinkable water

What is AcquaSIL?
AcquaSIL is our liquid polyphosphate anti limescale solution used exclusively in the MiniDUE to prevent limescale and corrosion. It is a 100% food grade liquid solution which allows a guaranteed metered dosage and delivers 100% drinkable water whilst stopping limescale build up. Polyphosphates have for years been one of the only trusted ways in which to treat and prevent limescale build up. In fact Polyphosphate is often found in many foods currently available.

What does AcquaSIL do to the water?
AcquaSIL , when released in an accurate measured dosage into the water effectively coats the mineral ions preventing them from forming on surfaces and allowing them to travel through the system. The systems has no effect of the soap effect of the water, like a salt based system does.

Will MiniDUE protect my boiler?
MiniDUE has been designed to be installed on the mains water feed directly into the boiler to provide 100% protection against limescale build up. MiniDUE also provides corrosion protection within the central heating boiler. As MiniDUE exclusively uses a liquid to provide protection, MiniDUE guarantees that no sludge or residue build up will occur thus ensuring your boiler operates at maximum efficiency. The Minidue is designed to work with water temperature of 60-65°C so is suitable for use with any domestic boiler system including Megaflow. The liquid loses its efficacy above stored water temperatures of 65°C.

Is AcquaSIL safe?
Yes. AcquaSIL and polyphosphates are classed as a ‘food grade’ additive which conform to European Standards EN1208 and World Health Organisation standards as a safe additive to drinking water.

Does it smell?
No. AcquaSIL is odourless.

Can I taste AcquaSIL?
No. AcquaSIL is a tasteless liquid.

Will it discolour my clothes?
No. AcquaSIL will not affect fabrics or finished surfaces.

When does the easy fit refill pouch need to be replaced?
When the vacuum packed easy fit refill pouch is empty, simply untwist the old used pouch and twist on a new pouch. There is no need to isolate the water supply and because we use disposable refill pouches there is no need to come into contact with any of the AcquaSIL liquid. Our refill pouches are designed to be replaced easily by you with minimum fuss. MiniDUE uses a patented system for 100% accurate and metered dose of the AcquaSIL liquid. The amount of AcquaSIL that enters the system is 100% guaranteed regardless of the volume or flow rate of the water. MiniDUE guarantees no over dose or under dose of the liquid due to the proportionate method of dosage. It’s easier than changing a light bulb. Each starter pack comes complete a 250gram refill pouch which typically will treat up to 11000 litres of water. We also offer a 1000gram pouch which will typically treat up to 44000 litres of water.

Does MiniDUE need maintenance?
Depending on the refill pouch used, a 1000gr refill pouch will typically last 12 months in an average household. MiniDUE requires no other maintenance.

Does heat affect the MiniDUE?
No. MiniDUE and the AcquaSIL is un affected by higher ambient temperature and has in fact been designed so the unit can if required be installed within the boiler casing where space permits.

Do I need a professional plumber to install MiniDUE?
Fitting the MiniDUE does require a basic competency level of plumbing skills and equipment. However, we would always recommend using a professional plumber.


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