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GDPR – Manage Information

GDPR – Manage Information


Puriflow Water Solutions Ltd. is in full compliance with the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Now for providing our customers with our services, we are bound to collect personal data. Whatever might be the event, we have to ensure the collected information is appropriately used for this purpose. Furthermore, we ensure this process is not invading your privacy.


The Rights You Own As A Data Subject Under the GDPR

At any point where we are possessing or processing your personal data, then you (the customers) become the data subject. Then you hold these rights:

       a. Right of Access  

You retain the right for requesting a copy of the information we are holding about you.

       b. Right of Rectification

You hold the right to correct data we are holding about you, that you find inaccurate or incomplete.

       c. Right to be Forgotten

There are certain circumstances where customers are welcome to ask for the data we hold about them to be removed from our existing records.

      d. Right to Processing Restrictions

Wherever certain conditions are applicable, the customers have the right to restrict the processing.

      e. Right of Portability

You can rightly have the data we are holding about you transferred to another organization.

      f. Right To Object

You hold the right to object to certain processing types, like direct marketing.

      g. Right to Object To Automated Processing, That Includes Profiling

Even you hold the right to be subjected to the legal effects of profiling or automated processing.

      h. Right To Judicial Review

When we are refusing your request under the rights of access, we shall provide you with a clear reason why we have done so. You can raise a complaint with our customer service department.

All these above-mentioned requests are going to be forwarded if a third party is involved in personal data processing.


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