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Filters for Existing Taps

Our innovative range of existing tap filters allow easy implemention of a filtered water solution without the need for a 3-way or separate dispensing tap.

At Puriflow we have a range of under sink water filter units which enable you to keep your existing kitchen tap and have all the water on the cold side of your kitchen tap filtered. Each system has 15mm push fit connections, so you can simply push fit your 15mm copper or speed fit pipe into it. Alternatively, the EZFITPRO range of products also have 1/2″ female ports so you can go in straight into that with 1/2″ male with using the supplied push fittings if you want to install it like that, which most plumbers would prefer to do.

This is a super-handy option for when you simply do not want a separate kitchen tap, or you are reluctant to replace your existing kitchen tap with a 3-way tap. It makes a perfect solution for kitchens with granite or marble worktops where a seperate filter tap is not viable or a three way tap not affordable.

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