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Sediment Filter Units

Sediment Water Filters

These dedicated sediment filters will reliably remove dirt and sediment from your incoming water supply. They are normally the first filter to engage the water and are employed prior to other filtration cartridges which they protect from being choked with fine sediments.

Ideal as pre-filters for Reverse Osmosis water filter systems and UV Disinfection systems, they are available in various sizes according to the required flow rate and in different gauges (expressed in microns) to remove different sizes of particulates. Where the water is heavily contaminated with sediment they may be used in sequence eg. a 20 micron followed by a 5 or 10 micron filter.

These filters may be depth filtration type (spun-bonded, resin-bonded, string wound) or surface filtration (pleated cartridges, stainless steel pleated cartridges) and are available from 50 microns down to the extremely fine 0.2 microns. (For comparison protozoan cysts will be stopped by a 1 micron absolute filter.)

sediment water filter

Please note that the units listed below are complete sediment systems including both the cartridge and suitable housing.

Please see our Replacement Sediment Filters  if you are only looking for the cartridges.

If you are unsure of your requirements please contact us on 020 3507 1879 or by e-mail :

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