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Water Filter Taps-

Puriflow Filter’s Water Filter Taps are top quality, solid construction and available in a great range of attractive styles and operational types.

We stock a wide range of top quality taps for fitting with your new or existing undercounter inline water filter. Many of the water filter systems supplied by Puriflow Filters come complete with a single dispensing filter tap which connects to the 3/8” or 1/4” tubing from your filter housing. These taps normally just require a 1/2” hole to be drilled through the worktop and are very simple to fit.

In addition to the standard single dispensing tap we also provide a choice of other styles that may more effectively suit your kitchen’s style.

There are many situations where an extra tap or a hole in the worktop is not desirable and in these instances the use of a 3 way or triflow filter tap would make the ideal solution. The highly practical three way tap replaces the existing kitchen tap and as it’s name suggests has three channels, hot & cold water and filtered water.

The three way water filter taps supplied by Puriflow Filters have separate internal pathways for the water to ensure the filtered water does not mix at all with the unfiltered or softened hot or cold water. Some of our 3-way taps have 3 levers (one for each of the cold, hot and filtered/hard water) and others have 2 levers (one is a hot/cold mixer and the other is for the filtered/hard water).

Tap -Triflow 3 way filter tap


We have a wide choice of elegant designs to suit many styles of kitchen. Our top quality three way taps can also be used with an extensive selection of water filter kits, ensuring you get not only a tap that is right for your water filter needs, but also compatible with your kitchen sink or worktop.

If you have a gravity fed hot water system (this is where the hot water in your kitchen is fed by a upstairs hot water tank), then your options are somewhat more limited within the 3 way taps range to the low pressure 3 way taps. Please check your existing pressure against the minimum tap pressure requirements before ordering.

Please note you can buy the taps as taps only without a filter kit. Each tap below has the option to add some pre-defined filter kit packages, but are suitable for adding any filter system from the huge range we offer to go with yourthree way tap.

If you are in doubt as to the best choice for your situation or would like any other advice please do call us at Puriflow on 020 3507 1879 or email us at

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