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Inline Kitchen Water Filters

Effective inline undercounter kitchen water filters utilising ceramic/carbon/KDF filter media for the removal of the widest range of contaminants – enjoy pure, safe water direct from your kitchen tap.

We all like to know that the water we and our loved ones are drinking insafe and health giving. To this end, Puriflow offers a wide selection of effective undersink inline kitchenwater filter UK systems. Our undercounter water filters are designed to reliably eliminate the broadest range of water contaminants and impurities, ensuring that you get to enjoy is 99% safe, pure, great tasting water free from any toxic contaminants.

The undercounter inline drinking water filter is a popular and very cost effective choice in water purification in the UK. Together with reverse osmosis water filter, the systems we offer have proven to be among the most efficient and effective inline kitchen water filters in the UK for both home and workplace use.

Our inline kitchen water filters are able to remove bacteria, protozoa, and microbial cysts and in conjunction with a high-performance activated carbon core either incorporated in the ceramic filter cartridge or in configuration with a second cartridge also reduce organic & metallic contaminants. The active carbon efficiently absorbs compounds such as chlorine, VOCs etc. The highly advanced patented ‘Active Ceramics’ cartridge will remove a vast array of chemical agents including fluoride and has a three year life span before replacement. Additionally, the Active ceramics cartridges will increase the alkalinity of the water as well as giving improved taste.

Other filtration media employed may include KDF and GAC (Granular Activated Carbon) and carbon block.

We offer two main categories of undersink water filters.

The first is the regular type of under sink filter which connects to the cold water supply by means of a self piercing saddle valve or a Slip T valve and is connected to the filter via a 1/4″ or 3/8″ pipe. This then runs from the filter unit to a seperate filter tap. Some customers choose to replace their existing kitchen tap with a stylish and convenient Triflow 3-way kitchen tap which will provide the normal hot & cold water supply but have an extra channel for the filtered water. This has the advantage of not needing to drill a whole through the worktop for a separate filter tap.

kitchen water filter tap

The second type is a direct inline water filter which connects straight in to the 15mm supply pipe. One attractive advantage of this type of water filter is that in addition to having a far higher flow rate, they make use of the existing kitchen tap so there’s no need to drill another hole in the work top or to buy a Triflow tap.

Why choose an undercounter kitchen water filter?

With the advanced filtration technology, there is no longer any need to carry home & dispose of endless plastic bottles of expensive water of questionable quality when inline under sink filter systems offer a more convenient and budget-friendly water filtration method meaning the modest investment in a home water filtration system will save you money, paying for itself many times over.

Designed with users’ needs in mind, our undersink water filter UK systems come with a host of benefits for maximising the enjoyment of your drinking water. The systems are situated under the sink or in the kitchen cabinet and you can, therefore, choose the best size & combination to suit your individual water filtration requirements.

The popular Osmio EZFIT series are particularly easy to install and just require the removal of a small section of the water pipe to then be connected with their 15mm push fit connectors – it really is that simple, and because they fit onto the normal water supply pipe to the kitchen sink, there’s no need for a seperate or replacement water tap.

Undercounter inline water filter

For some considerations when choosing an inline under counter water filter see our blog article ‘Selecting an Inline Water Filter For your Home’

An alternative to the inline water filter also worth considering is a whole house water filter which can provide pure water everywhere throughout the home at a very economic cost, no need for seperate filters around the home.

Also worth considering if you are concerned about the effects of chlorine in your water is a shower filter. Inexpensive, effective and very simple to fit (you can even take them with you to use on holiday) they make an ideal solution to the problem of inhaling damaging chlorine vapour every time you have a shower.

An undercounter water filter from Puriflow Filters makes the ideal solution improving drinking water quality in your home, reliable & cost effective. Get yours today and start enjoying the benefits of freshly filtered water in your kitchen.

If you need any advice regarding the best choice for your home, please do contact us on 020-3507-1879 or at and we will be pleased to help you find the best water filter system for your needs

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