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Iron & Manganese Water Filtration

End the Misery of Cloudy, Bad Smelling Water with an Iron and Manganese Filter from Puriflow

Iron, manganese and sulfide contamination can present a serious problems with private water sources, particularly with deep bored wells. Contamination of your water supply will be evident as unpleasant metallic tastes, rust particles, staining on the bath and sink and other plumbing fixtures, or red water and rotten egg smelling odours. Black deposits inside of appliances such as kettles can also be evidence of manganese.

Our iron and manganese filter systems are able to deal effectively with all these problems and provide you with first class water for your home. Iron and manganese are removed in water by the process of filtration through Watts Water Technologies Filox systems, a High performance media for iron, hydrogen sulfide, and manganese removal using no oxidizing chemicals for regeneration. Filox out performs traditional media such as Birm and Greensand. Highest flow rate of any standard iron removal media.

We also offer the innovative Ecomix models made by Ecosoft, employing the unique & scientifically grounded technology, confirmed by 6 patents. ECOMIX® works effectively in well water and municipal water within the allowable concentrations of iron and manganese, hardness and natural organic matter. ECOMIX® consists of five ingredients, including two patented material

Ecomix Media

We have various capacity systems available to you to suit your home’s requirements . Don’t pay too much! Puriflow Filters can provide these industry leading products at competitive prices.

Contact us on 020-3507-1879 or by email: to discuss your requirements.

If you have a water test report please send it along with an estimate of your peak flow rate and we will be able to put together the right package for your exact needs. We even provide a water testing service in partnership with South East Water to get you preferential rates on your water testing services.

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