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Ultra Violet Water Sterilisation Systems

Complete Ultra Violet water sterilisation systems providing total protection against water bourne biological hazards & pathogens without the use of chemicals.

We stock the Lightbest range of UV water sterilsation systems due to both their reliability and cost-effectiveness. These systems achieve their desired effect with a low wattage which is matched to the flow rate ensuring proper sterilistaion at the lowest running costs.

The Lightbest factory has established a strict product quality control system and has gained the ISO9001-2000 certification. Lightbest strict quality control process covers every step of production from the raw materials to the finished product. All Lightbest products are CE certified.

Lightbest germicidal lamps, which are made of high-quality doped quartz, emit the highest amount of UV radiation-90% of energy is at 253.7nm (commonly called 254nm of Ozone-free/L), which is very close to the germicidal peak output at 265nm. (See the graph)

When selecting your model please ensure that you have calculated your peak flow rate and match your choice to cover this. if in doubt always go for the higher model or contact us for assistance on 020-3507-1879

Sterilization micro-organisms effectively curve:

Ultra Violet Water Sterilzation

The Importance of Installing a Pre-Filter

The one potential achilles heel of a UV system is the presence of sediment in the incoming water. Where sediment is present, micro-organisms may be protected from the UV light which would otherwise destroy them potentially allowing some through in to the drinking water. This can be easily prevented by installing a sediment pre-filter which will remove particulates & sediments and ensure that this situation cannot occur. Depending on the quality on the incoming water it may be necessary to have one or two of different filtration levels eg a 5 micron preceded by a 20 micron filter.

sediment water filter 4.5 x 10 inch clear housing

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