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Whole House Water Filters

Whole House Water Filters ~ UK Home Systems

                           Complete Peace of Mind   – Everywhere

Now you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that the water coming from your tap or shower anywhere in your home is safe & pure enough to drink by installing a whole house water filter system from Puriflow. The results experienced in water quality improvement can be dramatic. No need for a separate drinking water filter or shower filter, the water you drink, cook with, bath or shower in will all be filtered to the same very high standard giving total peace of mind that your home’s water is safe everywhere throughout the house.

Benefits of Puriflow Whole House Water Filters  include:

  • All the water throughout the home is clean and safe
  • No need for extra drinking water filter and tap -saving cupboard & worktop space
  • No need for a separate shower filter – shower water is filtered to a higher standard
  • Bath water is free of chlorine & other contaminants
  • Huge range of impurities removed
  • Wide choice in cartridge types and flow rates available

Our Whole House Water Filtration systems (also referred to as ‘point of entry’ or just POE filters) will ensure purified water exists from the point of entry and are able to remove a very wide range of other contaminants including heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride, lead, pesticides, hormones, VOCs and sediments with some also effective at reducing limescale.

  Whole House Water Filters

Specialist Filters

The selection fo filter cartridges available includes specialist filters for difficult to remove contaminants such as fluoride and chloramine, and which can be added in sequence with other filter cartridges such as sediment, carbon block, GAC and the highly effective Active Ceramics cartridges which have the added bonus of reducing limescale.

Nearly all the filter systems presented here will remove chlorine and will improve taste & odour.

Our whole house mains water filtration systems start from as little as £86 for the Osmio Sediment Filter up to the highly sophisticated Osmio Pro-111-XL Ultimate at £795.  Systems are available consisting of a single, double or triple housing arrangement depending on the filtration requirements.

As an option you may wish design your own combination of filter types using our whole house filter housings in combination with the most appropriate filter types for your specific water supply situation.

Capacity Considerations

Before buying a water filter for home installation, you will first need to consider the following:

1/ What do you need the system to remove from your water? For example it would not be necessary to purchase one that removed fluoride you are not in a fluoridated area. Are high sediment levels a problem? Are you experiencing problems with high limescale? Ideally the place to start is with a full spectrum water test.

2/ Where it is going to be situated and what size system will fit? Usually a whole house water filter system is installed where the rising main comes into your property, so that all the water can be purified by the system before the pipes divert around your house. In some circumstances they may be installed outside the property provided adequate protection against freezing is given.

3/ What size system is suitable for the size of your household? It is important to ensure that the system you are installing has the capacity to handle the average flow rate and also to take into consideration the theoretical maximum flow rate for your property which will depend on the household useage of the water supply. For help with calculating flow rate see here: How To Measure Your Flow Rate

We would strongly recommend that all whole house filter UK systems are installed with a bypass isolating arrangement for easy maintenance and change of filters.

Whole House Water Filters
Typical By-pass installation for Whole House Water Filters

Filtering the incoming water at entry means that you will not need to fit a separate under sink water filter or reverse osmosis water filter for your drinking water which makes a whole house filtration system a very cost effective investment which will bring satisfaction evertime you turn on the tap!


If you require help with any of these considerations please contact us at Puriflow on 020-3507-1879 or by e-mail at

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