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Water Softeners

Enjoy the luxury and soft caress of softened water whilst saving money in the process!

Puriflow Filters are pleased to present a selection of quality Industry-Leading NSF Certified and Tested Water Softeners and Scale Treatment Systems at very competitive prices.

Enjoy the benefits of silky and smooth water on the skin and hair, lower heating bills, better heating efficiency, reduced use of shampoos, soaps and cleaning products, softer feeling clothes and towels and glassware which will sparkle & shine.

Water Softeners

So What are the choices?

Traditional Salt Softeners-

The salt -based water softeners supplied by Puriflow will remove limescale, improve the efficiency of your heating system, protect your kitchen appliances and provide you with luxurious soft water for your bath & shower resulting in better hair & skin and easily lathered soap.

Salt softeners need to be maintained with the regular addition of softener salt. UK water regulations require that where a salt based softener is installed in the home, a separate, non softened supply is provided for the main drinking water tap. This does not apply to non salt polyphosphate type softeners however.

All these softeners come with a 5 year warranty.

Salt-based water softeners may be divided into electronic type water softeners and non electric systems.  Electronic softeners will require the use of a power supply and have the added advantage of being fully programmable either with metered based or time clock based controls. The higher capacity models of these softeners are frequently employed where larger volumes of water are required such as hotels but are equally suitable for domestic use.

Non-electric water softeners are powered entirely by the incoming water pressure. As no electrical supply is required it is easier to install if there is not a current plug available and therefore it is possible to install them outside too. They are of course cheaper to run.

Non-Salt Softeners

This type of water softener now outsells the traditional salt softener by 10:1  These salt free softeners are cleaner, faster, more hygienic and save you money on maintenance costs too. Not just that, they waste no water and use no electricity. But it gets even better! They are so easy to install and can provide complete scale protection without the need to a separate bypassed hard water supply for drinking. It should be noted however that this type of device does not produce truely ‘softened’ water  and will not have any effect on lathering, rather they are better understood as scale protection devices.


For a consideration of the various options available for treating  limescale problems see our Blog article ‘Limescale Treatment – What are the Options?’

Browse our range of softeners and learn about the options available for the improvement of your home’s water.


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