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Best Water Filter For Home Use

The Whole House Water Filter Systems presented here are complete units as the best water filter for home use, which have been especially designed to meet a variety of water filtration requirements and use quality, tested housings, seals and filters. These include carbon block GAC, KDF and Active Ceramics filtration media as well as specialist filters for difficult to remove contaminants such as chloramine and fluoride.

Traits of The Water Filter System for Home Use

Our whole house mains water filtration systems start from as little as £86 for the Ecopure Sediment Filter up to the highly sophisticated Osmio Pro-111-XL Ultimate at £795. The water filtration system for home use may consist of a single, double or triple housing arrangement depending on the household requirements.

When deciding on a whole house water filter system it is important to workout where it is to be installed and whether there is sufficient room available.

Normally a whole house filter system is situated where the rising main enters your property (which is why they are frequently referred to as “Point of Entry Systems or simply POEs”). This ensures that the whole house water filter or treatment system can start working as soon as the water enters the home’s plumbing system.

The Flexibility of Our Water Filtration System for Home Use

You will find a stop cock or main water supply shutoff valve at the point where the rising main enters the property,  this can sometimes be outside your property.  Whole house filter systems can also be installed outside provided they are adequately insulated against freezing. Wherever they are situated we strongly recommend that they be installed with a bypass system for ease of maintenance & filter changes.

Whole House filter bypass arrangement

As an option you may wish design your own combination of filter types using our whole house filter housings in combination with the most appropriate filter types for your specific water supply situation.

It is important before you order any water filter system for home use that you have an approximate idea of the capacity your situation requires. For help on this see our page on How To Measure Your Flow Rate

Should you have any questions or require help selecting the most appropriate home filtration system please do contact us on 020-3507-1879 or by e-mail at:

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