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Coffee Machine Water Filters

The Puriflow range of Coffee Machine Water Filters will prevent scale building up inside your machine, balance the pH to limit corrosion whilst also providing a high level of purity ensuring that your end products are of the highest quality.

Hot beverages usually consists of up to 98% water, so there is little doubt that water quality is a vital ingredient to the overall quality of the products you serve to your customers. By using our coffee machine water softeners and filtration systems, you can ensure your water is great tasting by removing chlorine, lead, heavy metals and bad tastes and smells to create best coffee taste and aroma and get your customers returning again and again!.

We carry a full range of push fit adaptors for easy fitting and connection, and replacement filters to ensure your filter continues to provide the maximum benefits.

Coffee Machine Water Filters UK

We are aware that many coffee machine water filters on the market are unecessarily expensive and can be a strain on finances, which is why our range of systems has been specifically sourced to ensure you get great value for money and an early return on your investment; the results on your water quality however will be immediate!


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