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Osmio EZFITPRO – 400 Fluoride, Limescale and Heavy Metal Reduction Undersink Filter Kit

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This is one of the top of the range installed inline system for an existing cold tap. It uses a 0.2 micron ceramic fluoride reduction filter and a limescale and heavy metal filter to achieve a thorough reduction of bacteria, chlorine, heavy metals and more. It reduces pressure and flow rate of your water to tap a little so it is not recommended if you have very poor flow/low pressure however slower flow results in better filtration and better water so it is good to live with that!
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Frequently Bought Together

Osmio EZFITPRO-400 Undersink Water Filter Kit + 2.5 x 10 Limescale De-Alk Filter + Coldstream MAX CF521W Ceramic Water Filter Cartridge
Price for all three: £234.00

Osmio EZFITPRO – 400 Fluoride, Limescale and Heavy Metal Reduction Undersink Filter Kit

 New stock expected early March

Filter 1: Coldstream CF521W ceramic filter cartrige.

✓ Made in the UK by world leading manufacturer

✓ >99.9999% removal of bacteria and cysts

✓ 85% fluoride reduction at 2.5LPM

The Osmio EZFITPRO-400 Undersink Water Filter Kit with Tap is the perfect water filter system for those looking to improve the quality of water by removing bacteria, viruses, fluoride and pharmaceuticals as well as many common impurities such as sediment, dirt, turbidity, rust, sand and silt.

The system uses the Coldstream CF521W Ceramic Water Filter Cartridge 2.9″ x 9.75″ which is capable of 85% fluoride removal as well as chlorine, heavy metals and bacteria and cysts, making it the most powerful ceramic cartridge currently on the market.

Filter 2: GAC Phosphate & De-Alk
Dimensions: 9 3/4″ x 2 1/2″
Temperature Range: Only can be used with cold water
Filter Life: 3-6 months depending on the hardness
Capacity: 1080 Litres @ 150ppm Total Hardness – 540 Litres @ 300ppm Total Hardness. Replace after 6 months of installation date
Max. Flow Rate: Approx. 4 -5 LPM

How to recycle and dispose of this filter: In order to recycle the filter you will need to smash the ceramic and the filter media within should go into the bin. The plastic ends of the filter can be recycled.

 EZFITPRO-400 Undersink Water Filter
Coldstream MAX CF521W Ceramic Water Filter Cartridge – inside


Model EZFITPRO-400
Brand Osmio
Filter Parameter Bacteria, E-coli, Chlorine, Sediments, Fluoride, Heavy Metals
In Depth Filter 1: Coldstream MAX CFW Ceramic Water Filter Cartridge 2.9″ x 9.75″ OBE
Filter 2: Osmio GAC Phosphate & De-Alk

Operating performance Working Pressure (for pressure use)
Minimum 3 Bar Max 4 bar – for good flow rate
Max 4.5 bar

Working parameters

For a good flow rate, we recommend a minimum incoming pressure of at least 3 bar unless you are using it on a separate tap in which case 2 bar minimum is fine.

Working temperature range: only can be used with cold water
Working ph range 5.5 – 9.5
Recommended change frequency 6 -12 months

– Osmio 2.5 x 10 Inch Dual Filter Housing (1/2″ BSP Female Inlet/Outlet (Brass lined))
– Dual Mounting Bracket
– Housing Spanner
– 2 x 1/2″ BSP male to 15mm push fit
– 1 x Chlorine and limescale filter
– 1 x Coldstream Ceramic filter


  1. Marshall (verified owner)

    I installed this over the last weekend, well made from Italy and quality material. Two push fit adapters were supplied so that a 15mm copper pipe could be used for the plumbing of the unit. The push fit adaptors threads were very loose when screwed into the main body of the unit and they needed a lot of PTF tape on the threads to secure a water tight seal. One piece of advice I would give is make sure you have isolation taps/valves on both sides of the unit for isolation for when you come to replace the filters. There were two plastic rings supplied (Centring Devices) stating to put them 20mm or 2cm down from the top of each filter so that it would be centred in the base when you screw the filters to the main body, they would not go over the filters so I place them at the top of each filter to help centring. I have the kitchen cold side of our mixer tap connected through the filters and I was told when I ordered the cold water flow would be restricted, it is. At the point where the water first exits the tap the steam of water is about the dia. of a marker pen and then lower down the steam of water goes to the dia. say slightly larger than a Bic pen. Having said all that I would recommend buying the unit knowing that the water quality is better and in deed I think the water now tastes of nothing only water and feels smoother.

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CF521W Coldstream Filter Performance Data Sheet(



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