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Fluoride Filters

Fluoride Water Filters

There are no filters made which are guaranteed to remove 100% of fluoride from the water. Most fluoride water filters will however achieve a reduction of between 93% and 97%, with the systems offered here performing at the upper end of this range. This figure can be maintained by strict adherence to timely filter changes which should be more frequent in high pH areas..

Countertop jug & carbon filter elements have little to no effect on fluoride; many undercounter filters on sale will also not remove fluoride to any significant degree, those that do so are presented below. All reverse osmosis filters are achieve very high levels of reduction and both Active Ceramic and the Coldstream composite ceramic filter cartridges are also highly effective. Ideally you would want to remove this toxin from the entire household water supply with a whole house water filter, but essentially being able to enjoy safe fluoride free, great tasting drinking water offers a very worthwhile advantage.

Before choosing a water filter on the basis of its fluoride removal abilities it would be well to check that you live in an area which has a fluoridated supply, not everywhere is. If you are lucky enough to live somewhere free from fluoride you can then afford give more attention to the other properties of the filters in making your choice.

The Known Dangers of Fluoride

Fluoride is unique among water treatment additives in that it is not added to treat the water as such but to treat you. the end user. The addition of fluoride to the water remains a highly controversial practice, both scientifically & ethically, where it amounts to involuntary medication of a person without a diagnosed need, without consideration of any side effects and without any control of dosage received.

Whilst there are studies which do seem to suggest some benefits to teeth from topical application via toothpaste there are equally those which show no improvement in dental health. There exist no independent peer reviewed studies demonstrating positive effects via ingestion, however detrimental effects and serious implications for the health of the body are documented, notable amongst which is an increase in osteosarcoma in young boys.

The use of  fluoride water filters will contribute greatly to the prevention of dental fluorosis which is a condition resulting in brown and pitted teeth. Dental fluorosis is a direct result of ingesting fluoride through drinking water and other sources where it displaces calcium or rather makes up for the lack of sufficient calcium.  A member of the halide group of elements which includes essential iodine, fluoride can block the iodine receptors on the thyroid gland which may also lead to long term health complications. Fluoride is also known to ‘calcify’ the pineal gland.

fluoride water filter uk

Many dentists and other ‘health care professionals’ will repeat the party line that fluoride is beneficial. Whatever the presumptions surrounding sodium fluoride, few of these advocates of compulsory mass medication are aware of the fact that it is not pharmacuetical grade sodium fluoride which is added to water but hexafluorosilicic acid, a highly corrosive waste product of the phosphate industry, which is classed as a neurotoxin and falls between lead & arsenic in toxicity.

If this chemical is spilled into lakes or rivers it is considered a serious pollutant. If it goes in to your drinking water it miraculously transforms into a health product proving that alchemy is still with us!

The INDRAPRO-400 Fluoride Filter
The INDRAPRO-400 Fluoride & Limescale Filter


“If more than is used for brushing is swallowed -contact a poison control centre”. But if it’s in your drinking water then unlimited, unmeasured amounts are good for you! Really?

For further reading on the origins & health implications of water fluoridation please see our blog article ‘Fluoride – Friend or Foe?‘.

The fluoride water filters below will all cost effectively provide you and your family protetion form this toxin and supply you with reliably safe clean water from which fluoride has been almost totally eliminated.

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