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Osmio Gaia 316 Stainless Steel 3-Way Kitchen Filter Tap (Triflow)


Our latest Osmio Gaia Three Way Tap is crafted in Italy from the highest grade stainless steel. This high quality 3 Way Tap with has a solid construction, manufactured from a solid stainless steel, weighty with a perfect finish. We can guarantee you will love the quality of this tap. This quality tap is a perfect choice for residential and commercial use. Enjoy the versatility that Osmio Gaia 316 offers your next project. 

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Frequently Bought Together

+ Osmio Longlife Undercounter Water Filter Kit
Price for both: £488.99

Osmio Gaia 316 Stainless Steel 3-Way Kitchen Tap (Tri-flow)

The Osmio Gaia 316 Stainless Steel 3 Way Kitchen Filter Tap is a very high quality 3 Way Tap with solid stainless steel (316- lead free) construction, weighty with a perfect brushed finish. We can guarantee you will love the quality of this tap. 

Why not have it all in one?

Do not need to drill another hole for your water filter system. The Osmio Gaia 316 Stainless Steel 3-Way  Kitchen Filter Tap provides a simple way to make your kitchen look modern, clean and beautiful. This fantastic 3 in 1 kitchen mixer tap will save space and give your kitchen that modern 21st century appeal.

The Osmio Gaia Stainless Steel 3 Way Kitchen Filter Tap is an elegantly designed, easy functioning tri-flow tap which makes a bold statement in any modern kitchen. The tap supplies hot, cold and purified water with the purified water being delivered by an independent line to avoid mixing with unfiltered hot and cold water tap water.

Osmio Gaia 3 Way Kitchen Filter Tap

Gaia 316 3 Way Kitchen Filter Tap – Adding a Filter System or Not – Your Options

If you do not want to connect to a filter system and just want a straight connection to a hard water feed (this is especially when you have a point of entry water softener installed), then you should also order this kit with your tap – 3 way tap stem conversion kit, which will enable you to easily get on 1/2″. The kit consists of 7/16″ UNS to 3/8″ Pushf Fit, 2 metres of 3/8″ Tubing and a 3/8″ Push Fit to 1/2″ Female Fitting – enabling you easily to get onto 1/2″ male.

3 way tap Conversion Kit

As we are specialist in water filtration, you have plenty of great filter kit options to add to you 3 way Tap, ranging from the simple to the advanced. Here are some suggestions of suitable filters which you can add to you purchase using the drop down option above. Click on the links below or see the Accessories section above to find more detail about each system.

Please be aware that the systems listed below are just a small selction of available filters from Puriflow.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

If you are looking to delve into an advanced water filtration system, which would indicate that you’re looking for the purest water available and want to go beyond bottled water quality, providing crystal clear ice cubes, scum-free tea and coffee and clean and crisp drinking water. The range of systems we have put together were designed for providing safer, healthier water. Just as we offer a wide range of in-line systems we offer a wide range of Reverse Osmosis systems additionally ranging from our premium economy models to our top of the range systems which you can find more information about below.

Osmio HT+ Home & Office Direct Flow Reverse Osmosis System

A Direct Flow reverse osmosis system employing a 400GPD RO membrane which uses no tank and which will ensure your highly purified water is supplied on demand, giving always fresh purified water and resulting in much easier maintenance.

Osmio D7 Direct Flow Reverse Osmosis System

One of the most technologically advanced water filtration systems available in the world. The system, which is designed for both home and commercial use, is supplied standard with 5 filters and a benefits from compact, sleek modern design. Additionally this innovative system implements quick change filter technology which provides for low cost and fast, low hassle maintenance. 

Undercounter Inline Filters

Simple to install, these filters work by taking a feed off your cold-water pipe, running the water through the system and then straight into your new three way tap. Unlike reverse osmosis filter systems, these have the advantage that they produce no waste water in the process of filtration, and produce very high quality drinking water which can be free of chemicals, bacteria, viruses and many other undesirable ingredients in your water. 

Osmio Ultra-Soft 3 Way Tap Filter Kit

This compact & highly effective single housing filter employs a 2.5 x 10 GAC/Phosphate & De-Alk Filter incorporates granular activated carbon (GAC) which is combined with Phosphate and De-alk resin. The filter is effective against chlorine, taste and odour, heavy metals e.g. lead, and will also tackle hard water, which is seen as limescale in kettles and as an unsightly scum on the surface of hot drinks.

Osmio Ultra-Pure 3 Way Tap Filter Kit

This 3 way tap filter kit package can be used with any 3 way tap on the market and including all of the 3 way taps we supply. If you are ordering a Osmio 3 way tap and want this filter kit, simply order both items together and you will be automatically supplied with the correct fitting. If you are connecting to a different make of 3 way tap an additional fitting may have to be purchased. Outperforms GAC cartridges four ways: 1. Superior chlorine reduction, 2. Lower pressure drop., 3. Will not channel, 4. Lower cost


Model   Osmio Gaia 316 Stainless Steel 3-Way (Tri-flow) Kitchen Tap
SKU Q44-I10002247
Brand Osmio
Filter Parameter No
In Depth


Dispenses Hot, Cold, and Filtered Water via a 3rd Lever

Stylish modern design in Stainless Steel (316) finish

Durable heavy duty Tap-uses ceramic valves

Saves space and mess – no need for a separate Drinking Water Tap or holes in the sink, just replace your current tap with this 3 Way Tap

Easy to connect and replace your existing tap

No lead 316stainless steel

Installation hole: 1 3/8″ (35mm)

Water Pressure Maximum: 0.60.05 MPa (6 Bar) – we recommend a minimum incoming pressure of 1.0 Bar – therefore the tap may be unsuitable for unpressurised gravity fed water systems. Please check pressure before ordering.

Comes supplied with three hoses: 3 x 1/2″ Female for the hot and cold, and filtered water connection



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