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Coldstream Sentry Replacement Filters 2 pack – 2.9″ x 8″

SKU: CF163W-2


Convenient Coldstream 2 pack of replacement filters for the Coldstream Sentry FTO+ 2.9″ x 8″ Ceramic Gravity Water Filter.

Please note this item is out of stock. New stock is due around 31.05.2024. 

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Coldstream Sentry Replacement Filters 2 pack – 2.9″ x 8″

  • Compatible with Doulton British Berkefeld and Big Berkey Housings
  • Reduces sodium fluoride to high levels 97% (see test data) without any additional filters
  • The best buy of all and MADE IN THE UK
  • 2.9″ diameter by 8″ length for superior filtration and faster flow rates

Made for the all British made Coldstream Sentry Gravity Filter, these powerful ceramic gravity filter cartridges are compatible with all of the Doulton (British Berkefeld) and Big Berkey (and larger sizes) filter housings and make a fantastic upgrade option as the filters have an amazing performance, particularly with regard to fluoride, hormone and pharmaceutical reduction in water.

In other systems, such as the Doulton Super Sterasyl and Doulton ATC Super Sterasyl or the Berkey Black Elements,  either the PF-4 or PF-2 Fluoride and Arsenic Filters (respectively) are required as add-ons which take up space in the lower chamber and which thereby reduce the space available for storage of filtered water and also adds further cost to the process.

It’s a sound policy to always keep a spare set handy in case of emergency.

Superior Flow Rate and Filter Volume

The Coldstream filters are 1″ longer and nearly 1″ wider and therefore not only contain more filter media resulting in superior filtration, but also much faster flow rates. See how the filters compare in size to the Doulton Gravity Filters:

Coldstream gravity filter cartridge compare Coldstream sentry filters Test Results

Coldstream sentry filters Test Results

colstream sentry filter elemments technical information


made in britain

NSF 42 Certified – which guarantees materials are not extracted at all into the filtered water. Despite rumours put about my competitors – this product does not contain BONE CHAR

Disposing of used filters

The filter would need to be smashed the ceramic and media inside should go to rubbish and the plastic ends can be recycled as plastic. Some people use the media and ceramic to compost but I don’t because they can have pharmaceutical and hormone traces and I grow food so I would not want that. For the media, it would be best to send that stuff to the landfill.


Model Coldstream Sentry 2 Pack of FTO+ 2.9″ x 8″ Ceramic Gravity Water Filter
SKU CF163W-2
Brand Coldstream
Filter Parameter Bacteria, E-coli, Chlorine, Sediments, Nitrates, Fluoride, Hormones, Pharmaceuticals, Heavy Metals
In Depth Despite rumours put about my competitors – this product does not contain BONE CHAR

Contaminant removal

• Bacteria removal (E.coli / Cholera / Shigella / Typhoid / Klebsiella Terrigena) – 99.9999%
• Cyst removal (Cryptosporidium / Giardia) – 99.9999%
• Volatile Organic Contaminants – 94% – 99%
• Lead, Cadmium, Selenium, Zinc removal – 100%
• Heavy Metal Contaminants (to NSF 53c) – 97%
• Pesticide Contaminants – 99.9%
• Herbicide Contaminants – 99.9%
• Free Chlorine Removal (Chlorine Taste and Odour) – 99.9%
• Chloromine Removal – 99.9%
• Fluoride removal – 97.0%


• Flow Rate – 1.0 L/hr
• Operating Temperature – min 5°C / max 30°C
• Service Life – 6 months (recommended)

Critical Dimensions per filter

• Diameter – 2.9”
• Length – 8.0”
• Fitting type – ¼” BSP
• Fitting length – LM (26mm)

This superb gravity filter is compatible with the Doulton (British Berkefeld) filter housing, Propur Big and King and the Big Berkey Housing.

NSF 42 Certified – which guarantees materials are not extracted at all into the filtered water.


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