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Ecomix A – 12″ x 52″ Iron & Manganese, Hardness & Organics 30 LPM

SKU: NF12 - W100F

Ecosoft Ecomix A is a new range of highly effective filtration media, designed to deal with water related problems, such as Iron, Manganese, hardness, ammonia and organics in water.

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Ecomix A – 12″ x 52″ Iron & Manganese, Hardness & Organics 30 LPM

Five Problems  – One Solution!

  • Iron
  • Manganese
  • Hardness
  • Natural Organic matter
  • Ammonium

Ecomix is a mixture of five specially prepared components of natural and synthetic origin. The purpose of the unit is to remove Natural Organic Matter (Ferrous, ferric, organic and colloidal iron and manganese) from water to provide you with clean, clear drinking water.

Ecomix works in normal water softeners so there is no need to replace your current softener. It also has a low salt consumption and works at low TDS, low hardness and high H2S.

Ecomix A - 12" x 52" Iron & Manganese, Hardness & Organics 30 LPM

ECOMIX® is a scientifically grounded technology, confirmed by 6 patents and service world-wide since 1998. ECOMIX® works effectively in well water and municipal water within the allowable concentrations of iron and manganese, hardness and natural organic matter. ECOMIX® consists of five ingredients, including two patented materials. 

Ecomix Replacement Filter Media Bags

For in depth information on this highly effective solution, download the Brochure here:

Ecomix iron & manganese filter brochure

Please note: Delivery for this item is by pallet and takes 2-3 days for most UK regions.



Model NF12 – W100F
SKU NF12 – W100F
Brand EcoSoft
Filter Parameter No
In Depth Notes – All systems are supplied with:
1. Clack WS1, 1″ Metered Softener Valve, pre-programmed
2. Appropriate size of NSF certified mineral tank
3. Riser with bottom distributor attached and top basket (cut to vessel size)
4. Clack 1″ bypass valve assembly
5. Either 1″ or 3/4″ BSP adaptor kit
6. J&F Riser Anchoring Device
7. Appropriate volume of Ecomix A (mixture of ion exchange resins & adsorption media)
8. Brine Tank with Brine well & Float assembly
9. Softener salt not supplied

Part no.
Mineral Tank Size (Inches)
12 x 52
Media (litres)
Max Service Flow (l/m)


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