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Why Should You Choose Whole House Water Filtration UK System?

Posted On: November 22, 2022 0 Comment

Why Should You Choose Whole House Water Filtration UK System?

Purified water is a necessity in today’s time. These days the regular tap water that you get in your house normally meets the requirements of the water regulations regarding permitted contaminant level; the question remains however as to how safe these standards are.

Purified water is not just necessary for consumption but also for other purposes. If there’s the presence of iron in your water for example, it can affect your washing machine, pipes and even bathroom tiles. The gradual sedimentation of iron affects the longevity of washing machines, water heaters, pipes and bathroom tiles. It blocks the gateway of the pipe, and the machinery of the washing machine and affects the output. Similarly, showering or washing clothes with chemical-ridden water can harm your skin, hair and clothes. This is why installing a purifier to purify drinkable water is not enough. You must install a whole house water filtration system.


What’s a Whole House Water Filtration System?

Water is treated as it enters your home with the filter system normally installed close to the rising main before it divides. This filter, also known as a point of entry (POE), ensures that the water flowing from every faucet or appliance is clean and filtered whether you’re brushing your teeth in the bathroom or filling up the wash tub to bath your child.

whole house water filteration system
Healthy Water = Peace of Mind


Why Should You Get A Whole House Water Filtration System?

If you already have a water purifier in your house, should you spend more to get a whole house water filter system? This is a pertinent question

One Filteration System

The most iobvious benefit of installing a whole house water filtration system is having a single sytem for all your usage. If you are building a new house no existing filter system instead of buying seveal different point-of-use purification systems you can simply get only one. If you spend wisely you have got a powerful whole-house water filtration system that can purify massive amounts of water without any problem.

Couple with Existing System

If you have an existing water filtration system to purify drinking water, you can still integrate a whole house filtration system with the existing system. This will ensure your water is comprehensively purified. A double-check system will ensure your drinking water is even safer for consumption.

Comprehensive Cleaning

As a whole house water filtration system is a larger capacity system utilising bigger tanks and cartridges, it can thoroughly purify the entire householdwater from a wide spectrum of chemicals and contaminants. A whole house water filtration system can filter out chemicals like chloramines, fluoride, heavy metals and more. Along with chemicals, it will also help kill germs, bacteria and viruses from the water. Thus, making the water safer.

Using Clean Water For All Purposes

Clean water is not just necessary for consumption, it is also important for other purposes. Showering with impure water or water ridden with heavy metals and chemicals can irritate the skin as well as trigger hair loss. Along with this, chemical-ridden and hard water can also affect your devices like the washing machine and water heater by depositing sediments on them.

Thereby, installing a whole house filtration system is quite multi-faced important as it ensures your water is safe through the entir home not just for consumption.

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Whole House Water Filtration System
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