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3 Most Popular Types of Water Filters & Their Benefits

Posted On: May 26, 2021 0 Comment

Water filtration systems are mainly used to remove pollutants, contaminants & harmful chemicals and purify the water effectively. Nowadays, water filtration is essential for both commercial and domestic uses. Pure & filtered water can reduce several health issues. In this blog, we are going to discuss the 3 most popular types of water filters & their advantages.

Types of water filters

There are different types of water filtration systems for home use available widely in the markets. Among them, the top 3 systems include

Activated carbon filters:

The activated carbon filter is one of the most popular & budget-friendly water filters available in the market. These systems are generally installed under the sink. The cartridges should be replaced as often as required. Activated carbon filters can effectively reduce heavy metals, parasites & harmful chemicals and keep the water fresh.

Cation exchange filter:

Cation exchange filter systems are also known as water softeners. In these filters, negatively charged ions are attracted by the positively charged ions. The negatively charged ions such as calcium & barium are harmful. Barium may cause several health issues & calcium and magnesium may damage the pipes & the purity of water.

RO filters

Nowadays, RO or reverse osmosis filters are considered the most efficient filtration systems for home use. In these water filters, the RO allows the water to pass through the semi-permeable membranes with the presence of air pressure. RO systems can remove all types of contaminants effectively. According to the professionals, the process of water filtration is either 5, 6 or 7 phases. Reverse osmosis water filters are economical & require very low maintenance. Because of these advantages, they are widely used for both commercial & residential purposes.

Benefits of installing water filters
Whether you choose an activated carbon filter, Cation exchange filter or RO water filters, every filter will give you several benefits. Some key benefits of installing water filters include 

Have pure & safe water:

Once you have installed a water filter, you will get safe and pure drinking water every time. The filters will remove all contaminants & pollutants from the water effectively.


Domestic & commercial water filters are very cost-effective. Moreover, you do not have to worry about its maintenance cost as well.

Reduce health issues:

Unsafe & polluted water may cause several health problems. By installing a good water filter, you can reduce your health problems as the filter produces pure drinking water.

The importance of water filtration systems is huge. They are easy to install & they require very low maintenance. Keep your water purified by installing a water filtration system.

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