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Differences Between Water Purifiers And Water Filters

Posted On: March 10, 2022 0 Comment

Clean and pure water meeting daily needs is the water called life. Pure water needs more caution for ensuring total purity and safety. Normally, we use interchangeably use the terms water filters and water purifiers for the water purification process and mislead that both these terms have the same meaning to be used in common parlance.

Essentially, water purifiers and water filters aim at removing impurities and pollutants from water, but these share a series of differences. Let us briefly explore them.

1. Removal of Impurities Types Removers

i. Water Filters

In the water filters, the main filtration process is the physical barriers or filters. Water filters are much effective in removing physical impurities like sediments, silt, dust, clay and more suspended particles along with a few microbiological organisms, which include viruses and bacteria. When you have decided to use the best water filter for home use which are equipped with carbon filters, then odour along with odour presence in water will be controlled as well.
But when the heavy metals, dissolved solids and more other chemicals should be removed, then you will have to choose the water purifiers.

ii. Water Purifiers

Along with removing the physical impurities, the water purifiers are extremely effective to remove excessive total dissolved solids, pesticides, heavy metals and harmful impurities from water. Drinking water has to pass through old and rusty pipes and by the time the water reaches homes it is already contaminated. Then, consuming the contaminated water is sure to pose threats to health and wealth-being. So, choosing good quality water purifiers is impertinent to ensure the most effective filtration.

2. Purification Level

i. Water Filters

The basic water filtration form is water filters. By using 2 – 3 water filtration layers, the water filter provides clean drinking water. Being fitted one after another, and with water passing through these filters, certain impurities are removed through this process. But if the water still tastes salty, or is containing heavy metals along with harmful chemicals, then water purifiers have to be considered along with the water filters.

ii. Water Purifiers

Water purifiers function using a more sophisticated purification process for impure water. The involved evolved technologies include RO+UV+MF. Equipped with six and seven advanced purification stages having multiple filters and layers for purifying water from different sources, the water purifiers ensure enhancing water texture, consistency and taste after the impurities have been removed. Thus, water for drinking is 100% safe and ideal being free from harmful viruses, heavy metals, chemicals and bacteria.

3. Purified Water vs. Clean Water

Filtered water free from any visible impurities is clean drinking water. But clean and clear looking water might not be pure necessarily.

On the other hand, pure water contains zero visible and invisible impurities likely to lurk into drinking water. Consuming pure water is both safe and sweet, and it rewards with a number of health benefits.
Water filters provide clean drinking water, while water purifier gives a guarantee of purified drinking water.

4. Suitability

i. Water Filters

In the areas of natural source water, the water will contain fewer impurities, or else you are sure of the local government treating the water quality at its source, then a water filter is a safe choice.

ii. Water Purifiers

In the urban areas or else at the centres having multiple water pollution causing sources, then choose the water purifiers for the most effective water purification form.

5. Advanced Features

i. Water filters

Water filters are comparatively simpler devices built with basic features requiring a lot of manual intervention during their servitude life. For providing clean drinking water, a non-electric water filter should be filled with water from time to time.

ii. Water Purifiers

The water purifiers have advanced features, comprising of smart alert systems sending filter replacement alerts, as well as alerts on display water purity levels, tank full indicators and signals in case of electrical issues. With all these advanced technologies, lives become easy while manual interventions are reduced.

Finally, we reach the end of our discussion. From the compactly presented information, it can be safely gathered that both the water filters and water purifiers are needed for drinking safe, pure and clean water. Before drinking or using it for cooking, make sure the water is absolutely filtered and purified to keep your health in the best condition.

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