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Elements Of A Good Water Filter

Posted On: May 16, 2022 0 Comment

While there is plenty of drinkable water around, clean drinking water is in short supply. Iron, salts, pesticides, germs, and poisons are all present in today’s water. Drinking contaminated water can cause a person to get extremely sick. As a result, drinking filtered water is critical. However, there are several water filters available on the market. The sheer amount of options available on the market might be overwhelming. The cunning salesperson can further persuade such disoriented clients to buy the most costly, but not necessarily the best water filter for household use. There are a few features that should be present in a best water filter for home use.

Let us count some important elements of a good water filter that you must seek:

Sediment Pre-Filter:

Sand, grit, insoluble iron oxide and other material prevalent in water can clog the RO membrane surface. This will obstruct and slow down the water flow of water. Thereby, a sediment filter is utilized to remove such particles.


The purpose of ultraviolet rays is to kill the live bacteria present in water. Upon consumption of such water, a person can fall sick. However, this feature can get a little expensive. But if you want the best water filter for home usage, then one should seek this feature.

Anti Carbon:

Chlorine is considered one of the most harmful compounds present in water. An anti-carbon filter filters out the present chlorine and other organic chemicals. This process is crucial to remove the bad odour and enhance the taste of water.


Reverse Osmosis has gained popularity in past few years, advertised as the staple feature of the best water filters for home use. But what is the function of Reverse Osmosis? It is a layer of membranes that are stacked to filter out contaminated water that is ridden with iron and other chemicals. However, this should be noted that Reverse Osmosis is a filtering feature, it doesn’t actively kill bacteria like the UV feature. But if there’s a presence of RO feature in your water filter it is a good thing.

These are some basic but important features of some of the best water filters for home-usage. If your budget permits, you must seek all these features in your filter. But if not, it must at least have an anti-carbon technology and sediment filter.

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