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How To Make Your Water Safe For Drinking On The Go?

Posted On: June 28, 2022 0 Comment

At home, you have easy access to purified water. But then when you’re out on a tour that’s when the problem arises and runs out of home brought water that’s when the problem begins. Think about this, when you’re on a camping trip outside of London there is no kitchen purifier to purify your water. But people have been drinking water for ages without utilizing any such sophisticated purifier. There are various other ways of purifying water from the salts, germs and viruses etc. We have listed down some methods that can purify your drinking water like your kitchen water purifiers back in your London home.

Let’s look at some of those 5 methods

1. Boiling Water

Most ancient and used technic around the world to purify water. Even in today’s world, boiled water is considered safer compared to some kitchen water purifiers in a city like London. This is because, when the water is boiled at a high temperature the prevalent bacterias and germs in the water dissipate, thus, removing all impurities from the water. Chemical additives in the water are therefore eliminated. Dead microorganisms and contaminants, on the other hand, settle to the bottom of the water, and boiling does not remove all of them. To thoroughly eliminate the contaminants, strain the water using a microporous sieve.

2. Water Chlorination

In some cases of emergency, when out on a hike or camp, apart from carrying kitchen purified water from your home in London, one must carry a mild edible bleach along with them. A mild bleach that has 5% chlorine in the water, works as an oxidant and rapidly kills the present microorganism making the water safe for consumption.

3. Distillation

Distillation is a water purification procedure that involves collecting the condensed water after it has evaporated, guaranteeing that the water is clean. However, it is not as effective as a kitchen purifier purified water back in your home.

4. Iodine Additions

Iodine is a red chemical that may be purchased in tablet or liquid form. It destroys germs and viruses and is quite potent. However, it has a terrible taste and, in excessive amounts, can be lethal. As a result, you should only use it if you don’t have access to superior filtration technology, such as a RO or UV kitchen water purifier.

5. Clay Vessel Filteration

People used clay pots to purify dirty water before they had access to high-tech kitchen purifiers to purify water. By blocking off the muck and allowing pure, drinkable water to pass through. Even in today’s age, in certain rural areas, this practice is still employed.

Drinking contaminated water puts you at risk of developing a serious illness. So, whether you’re going on a trek or going somewhere far away from home in London, don’t put yourself in danger and utilise one of the ways below.

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