Ecomix-A Replacement Media 25 Litre



The correct replacement Media Ecomix-A range of iron manganese water filters, which will also tackle hardness, ammoia and organic content. 25 Litre bag

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Ecomix A – Replacement Media 25 Litres

The correct replacement media for the Ecomix range of iron,manganese, hardness & sulphides water filters.

Ecomix A replacement media is a mixture of five specially prepared components of natural and synthetic origin. The purpose of the unit is to remove Natural Organic Matter (Ferrous, ferric, organic and colloidal iron and manganese) from water to provide you with clean, clear drinking water.

Ecomix works in normal water softeners so there is no need to replace your current softener. It also has a low salt consumption and works at low TDS, low hardness and high H2S.

Ecomix-A Replacement Media


















Also available in 12lt bags.


Model Ecomix-A Replacement Media 12 Litre
Brand EcoSoft
Filter Parameter N/A
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Ecomix-A Replacement Media 25 Litre

Part No. ECOMIX-A12

Weight 25KG


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