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Watts Filox-R 12 x 52 Inch Iron and Manganese Water Filter 45 LPM

SKU: NF12-W100F

If you are experiencing unpleasant metallic tastes, rust particles, staining on the bath and sink and other plumbing fixtures, or red water and rotten egg smelling odours, the chances are that you water may have iron, manganese or hydrogen sulphide problems.Our systems are manufactured by Watts Water Technologies who have been treating iron, rotten odours and manganese water problems for over 100 years and are regarded as leaders in the industry. Delivery for this product is approx 3-5 working days.

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Watts Filox-R 12 x 52 Inch Iron and Manganese Water Filter 45LPM

denotes the 12 x 52 Inch Mineral Tank perfect for the low rates to the maximum 45 liters per minute. This water filter is attached with Clack 1″ Time Clock Filter Valve, Clack 1″ Bypass Valve Assembly, and even a choice of adopter kits of 1″ or 3/4″ BSP. The necessary updates for this system are available.

In case, there are unwanted metallic tastes; stains on the sink, bath, and plumbing fixtures; rust particles, foul odors of egg smell; and red water, then in all possibilities, the water is sure to contain hydrogen sulfide, manganese, and iron problems.

The private water supply like the borehole or well might be tested to keep the iron and manganese as well as the hydrogen sulfide levels in line with the Private Water Supply Regulations.

The systems are enough capable to treat iron, manganese, and rotten odors water problems. Puriflow will arrange for different systems suitable for your home. The home and firm owners can get the best quality products at completely the best prices.

Get in touch with Puriflow to seek assistance from our qualified experts. Send your water test reports as well as the estimate of the peak flow rate and we shall bring up the right package fitting your needs. Partnering with South East Water, we are also providing water testing services so the users can get preferential rates on the water testing services.

  • What are its advantages?
  • Iron removal media for the highest flow rate
  • Oxidizing chemicals are not needed to get them regenerated
  • Efficiency is high with 80% manganese dioxide to enhance capacity and performance.
    From 5.0 to 9.0 pH, it is effective
  • The system can be programmed easily as it is having 10 pre-programmed regeneration cycles for optimizing water treatment.


Model Osmio Filox-R 12 x 52 Inch Iron and Manganese Water Filter
SKU NF12-W100F
Brand Osmio
Filter Parameter No
In Depth Mineral Tank Size (Inches): 12 x 52
Media (litres): 56
Max Service Flow (l/m): 45
Min Back Wash Flow (l/m): 38
pH range: 5.0 – 9.0
Part No: NF12-W100F

Notes – All systems are supplied with:

1. Clack 1″ Time Clock Filter Valve, comes with Drain Line Flow Control, set to correct program
2. Appropriate size of NSF certified mineral tank
3. Riser with bottom distributor attached and top basket (cut to vessel size)
4. Clack 1″ bypass valve assembly
5. Either 1″ or 3/4″ BSP adaptor kit
6. Riser Anchoring Device
7. Appropriate volume of NSF Certified Filox-R media and under-bed gravel

Upgrades are possible as follows:

1. Clack 1″ Metered Filter Valve
2. Clack 1″ Motorised No Hardwater Bypass Valve
3. Clack 1″ Elbow assembly kit (2 per set)

The system uses Filox-R Media which removes Iron, Manganese and Hydrogen Sulfide from your water supplies. The Filox media uses an oxidation-reduction reaction and filtration process similar to Greensand, but at a much higher level of performance. Filox-R contains 80% manganese dioxide in an extremely unique cluster format for enhanced performance and maximized capacity. Filox-R out performs Greensand, Brim, etc. due to the purity of its particles, superior oxidation/filtration capacity, and durability.

To ensure the suitability of this product for your needs, we recommend you speak to us before making your purchase. Please call us on 0330 113 7181 and seek advice from our technical team before making your purchase.


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