Top 6 Filters For Removing Lead From Water

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Water with lead abundant lead presence is among the major environmental and health threats. Post the Flint water crisis, several eyes were raised on the amount of lead present in water based on the people’s living zone. Drinking water containing contaminants pose serious threats to health. Hence, filters are a must for use so that lead can be effectively removed from the water. Select the best water filter for home use so that everyone at home can get a pure drinking water supply.

The Top 6 Water Filters for Getting Rid of Lead From Water

Although there are several water filter types that work efficiently to remove lead from the water yet you need to find the right one as per your requirements, that is the best water filter for home use so you can get the best value for money. At the same time, checking a few things is mandatory before choosing any of the water filter types as mentioned below.
First, look for NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) certification for the water filter you deem best for home use since the standards require the NSF certifications in terms of energy conservation and quality. For water filters, the certification needed is NSF Standard 53.

1. Reverse Osmosis Filter

Reverse Osmosis systems have enough capability in removing 94% to 97% lead from water. Still, some amount remains in the water post-filtration since the systems being used for commercial or residential uses are not completely reverse osmosis systems. So, adding an active carbon filter cartridge to the Reverse Osmosis helps in removing lead and acquiring completely pure water.

2. Filter Pitchers

Regular filter pitchers utilise coconut-based activated carbon together with ion exchange resin for reducing the lead levels in water by a significant margin. Being portable and handy for personal uses, these are the best water filters owing to their low costs and energy-efficient performance. Filter pitchers use additional certification standards termed the WQA certification, proving they remove about 99% lead from water.

3. Faucet Mount Units

You can get many water filter units, which are to be installed right over the faucets. As the best water filters, they are useful to remove lead, chlorine, mercury, microbiological cysts, several pharmaceuticals and disinfection by-products. These units do not use electricity for operating, and function on the basis of the pressure per gallon water supply to the faucet. With the water supply PPG not being above 50 scales, then you will need a water pump across the water main line for getting the best results. The filter cartridges need to be frequently replaced, but they are wallet-friendly.

4. Whole House Filters

Before water comes to the house, the point of entry or whole water filters is to be installed to the mainline. Indeed, the whole house water filters are truly effective in water purification, and essentially reduce the iron and lead level from it. The best categories suitable for large water units above 100 gallons daily usage are 15ppb filters and 25ppb filters. 100ppb water filters are suitable for commercial usage or on large scale till 1,50,000 gallons each day.

5. Shower Head Filters

Lead destroys the hair. When a lead comes in direct contact with the scalp, then water directly penetrates into the skull thereby causing severe brain disorders. Shower filters make use of special media for filtering out 99% lead from water. Even they remove the increased lead level from hot water coming from the water warmers.

6. Under Counter Purifiers

The under counter water filters are the most used drinking water purifiers. These do not work on Reserve Osmosis processes and contain different filtration processes capable of removing 99.9% of lead from water. The under-sink filters are equipped with temperature control and do not allow the lead accumulation in the containers. With these inline filters being installed, the process is flexible too.

Water is a lifetime necessity, and it is a must that it remains lead-free. In that case, the safest option is installing the water purifiers for overall safety. Before going ahead with the purchase, ensure the water filter is manufactured according to the standards and is the right one to serve your purpose.

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